The Phytonides Return!

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Immediately following the retreat of the Mechanoid forces, the Celestial Fortress has alerted us that the Phytonides are returning to Aelion! With our successful defense against these aggravating weeds in the past, victory is without a doubt assured! Each feeble attack sent against us will only make Aelion stronger and its people more fortified in regards to the dangerous environments these invaders spread. Ignorance is both their downfall and our victory – Rally the troops and prepare for battle!

Skyforge Phytonides Invasion

The Phytonides arrive on Aelion today.

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Get your weed whackers ready boys ! ! !


Champion of Inghar Champion of Inghar | unknown date

wish they returned on the schedule -_-

Instead they're having a blast playing catch the triffid on the moon...

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