Contest Winners: League of Gladiators!

Founder Community Manager | unknown date

The dust has settled and the combatants take a long deserved rest. Having gone through all the entries to our League of Gladiators contest we’re finally ready to announce our winners! So without any additional delay...

First Place – Elogia Namastey

Second Place – Hexiciah Lachance

Third Place – Interfector Immanis

Fourth through Tenth

  • Impulse Thebeast
    • Lise Kritue
    • Iron Beast
    • Zweasel Zyreael
    • Noob Player
    • Nova Char
    • Averie Wish
  • Winners, be sure to post your choice of rewards in the League of Gladiators Winner Thread on the Aelinet.

    Congratulations to all of our victors and we hope to see you all for our next community contest!

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    Elder Guardian Elder Guardian | unknown date

    I'll have the black and white biker costume I guess... Also your link doesn't lead to this thread, just thought you might want to know.

    Gladiator Gladiator | unknown date

    Thank you and congratulations to you all!

    I'd like a biker costume, if I can choose a color, than the one with grey trousers.

    Lord of Death Lord of Death | unknown date

    Hmm some videos are not on the EU thread, so I guess top 10 of both NA and EU. Didn't see this mentioned in the contest announcement. TY and congratz to all.

    Gladiator Gladiator | unknown date

    Well, there were not enough participants on EU, so I figured they won't leave it as it is. I thought maybe the contest will be cancelled.

    Lord of Death Lord of Death | unknown date

    Full black biker costume please. Btw, do we get to choose an Aelinet title or it's standard ?

    Honorable Aelion Resident Honorable Aelion Resident | unknown date

    Heeeey :D, i would like 2 take the Black/White Biker Costume please, thanks ;).

    Gladiator Gladiator | unknown date

    Not sure what happened, I got 3 boxes of "Biker costume collection" and since I can open only one, the other two are taking space in my inventory (I can't sell them or do anything with them). Could anyone please remove them? :3

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