Contest: Frosty Fashion Mix and Match

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Fearless Immortals!

We have battles each day with invaders and rivals alike, but now it’s time to let your battle costumes rest a little, while you take part in our new winter costume mix and match contest.
We are looking for the best costume ever. Everything will be taken in account: Clothes, Decorations, Headwear, Masks, Earrings, Makeup, Lip Color, Tattoos, and even Companion and Mounts. Giving your costume a winter theme will also be great too!

So, from January 27th to February 8th, it’s time for a Mix & Match Winter costume contest!


But hey, we are not going stop there!
The top 12 players with the best costumes are going to be selected by the Skyforge Team, but it’s the community that is going to vote for the overall title of Best Winter Costume.

That’s right, the top 3 from each community (FR/DE/EN/NA) will be put into a pool of contestants and you the community will vote for the best of the 12.
Check out the top 3 prizes you can win in your region and top 3 prizes you can win from the Overall community vote! We will announce the community Vote on a later date.


Contest Rules:

  1. The contest will run from now until February 8th
  2. You can use any cosmetic item to make the best match possible
  3. Please, avoid any image manipulation, so we can get the essence for your costume
  4. You can only enter in one region (You enter in the NA Contest, you can’t submit to the EU Contest, Submit in the Region you play the game on)
  5. Be as creative as you can, use any costume item, for you, your companion, and your mount!

Region Prizes

  • 1st Place: 7 Days Premium, 50 Stimulants, 500 Victor's Medals
  • 2nd Place: 7 Days Premium, 25 Stimulants, 300 Victor's Medals
  • 3rd Place: 7 Days Premium, 10 Stimulants, 200 Victor's Medals

Overall Prizes

  • 1st Place: 7 Days Premium, Choice of Winter Costume & Winter Mount
  • 2nd Place: 7 Days Premium, Choice of Winter Costume
  • 3rd Place: 3 Days Premium, Choice of Winter Costume

Contest Reminders:

Graphic, obscene or any other questionable content will not be considered. The same applies for content violating any Skyforge regulations, EULA, rules etc.
The winners will be picked by the Skyforge team.

By submitting your screenshot, you grant Skyforge all rights to use, edit and distribute the image.

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This is a screenshot contest, the team is expecting raw screenshots, no gif, nor video or anything else

My apologies, I didn't thought that making an Gif image would be counted as an image manipulation, as I recorded it from game and chosen this format to show clothes from rounded angle, however if that's the case of, than if you don't mind you may remove my previous message, than remove your message and cut out this bit from this message.
I'm not removing my message myself as if I would, your message wouldn't make any sense than, and my reply here wouldn't make much of sense as well :)
Back to context:

This shot had been made after using God's Army and for some reason God stayed in this colour stance - which is just wondefull Winter's cold.

Personally I think nice clothes would be from removed Cryomancer's abbility called "Ice Statue" which was totally cool abbility - I wish you would recall it back to game! :)
And by guessing, bugged screens don't count :) so I'm sending those 3 bellow :) - same set of clothes.

The set of clothes is:
Fitting Room:
Clothes: Winter Celebration Costume - Colour: White
Decorations: Wings of Vows
Headwear: Winter Celebration Hat - Colour: White
Mask and Glasses: Rouge Mask (Lower part) - Colour: Grey
Ear rings: None
Tattoos: None
Tattoos Colour: N/A *(Not Available)
Companion: Chromack - Colour DarkGrey/Golden/LessDarkGrey

Divine Aspect:
Divine Aspect: Default.
Divine Features:
  • Nimbus: Halo of Vows
  • Colour: Default
  • Glowing Eyes: White/grey

Tattoos: 2nd tattoo. *(From: None, 1st choice, 2nd choice)*
Colour: Light blue

So well :) now everyone who wants can copy that :)
Have fun!

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Thank you for the great Contest.

Mikariyu Senpai | Mikariyu Senpai
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"Blacko, my companion friend, where are my seven dwarfs ?" 

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My screen for frosty event. Only costume that makes u warm durning winter (as long as someone else wear it ;))

Love is everywhere! Love is everywhere! | unknown date

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Goddess Lepratulka (EN)

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Goddes Lepratulka (en)

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You need to give your Top 3 Winners (so 3 names) in this topic

I'm closing this one.

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