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From the 31st of May to the 7th of June 10:00 CEST the Special Offers tab will be available in the market!

Hurry up, grab a discounted Adept’s Gem or buy the Book of Divinity at an amazing discount of 51%~!

This week the “Special Offers” tab will have the crystals from the Emerald Stream promotion, but this time for Argents! If you did not have time to farm up on your Victor’s Medals to get them, now is your time!

Item Name Effect Discount Price
Refined Gem of Symbionts
+9 Perception
+22 Critical Damage Modifier
33% 10,000 Argents
Smooth Gem of Symbionts
+9 Agility
+ 22 Base Damage Modifier
33% 10,000 Argents
Gem of Symbionts
+9 Intelligence
+22 Companion Damage Modifier
33% 10,000 Argents
Tough Gem of Symbionts
+ 9 Constitution
+22 to Health Modifier
33% 10,000 Argents

Keep in mind that you can only have 1 of these legendary items equipped per adept!

But that’s not all! The Book of Divinity is also discounted. Are you a new player? Did not get your God of Travel yet? Get it now at a 51%~ discount!

Item Name Effect Discount Price
Book of Divinity
+9 Perception
Used to unlock God of Travels specialization
in the Temple of Deeds.
51% 4,000 Victor’s Medals

What are you waiting for? Go into the game and take part in this amazing sale now!

Not enough Argents to get the items you want? No problem! Just follow the link and top up now!


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This is how you make special offers, 5 times more expensive compared to russians.


Noble Judge Noble Judge | unknown date

Agree with star ,i mean wth 5x more that insane , no im definitely not topping for this, i also expected 2k per item, that would be nice boost for 20k argents in prestge

User | unknown date

why Book of Divinity discount not available on ps4?

Lord of Death Lord of Death | unknown date

That's becuase we can spend 5x more than russian xD that's why they asking us so much :D rember, this game don't have anymore limits O.= ahahahahaha

Love is everywhere! Love is everywhere! | unknown date

No answer Kaeden?????!!!!!

Eternal Summer Eternal Summer | unknown date

No answer Kaeden?????!!!!!

At least your posts haven't been deleted or the thread locked. 

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