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Are you planning an expedition to Thea or getting ready to challenge a mighty avatar? Then the time is right to think about your character's might!

There is a sale on at the Hall of Trophies between June 21st and June 28th, 10:00 CEST. Exchange Victor's Medals for improved ranks at discount up to 50%!


Increase the efficiency of Bastions, Cathedrals, Towers of Knowledge and gain more might! Also note a whole range of useful upgrades for you favorite companion at a discount of up to 50%! Select your preferred bonus and acquire the relevant trophy!

Find out what goods this sale has to offer here!

Note! Any immortal that has reached the second region of the campaign can take part in this offer.


Happy shopping!

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Love is everywhere! Love is everywhere! | unknown date

Hi. Nice to see u made a change and discounted more items in Hall of Trophies as of today maintenance. Thanks.

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