Pantheon Wars: Season 3 & Pantheon Donation Sale

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We are delighted to announce that the third season of Pantheon Wars, the biggest tournament in Skyforge, will be underway starting on the 1st of July! Immortals will once again experience great battles to determine the strongest heroes and Pantheons on the planet. The upcoming season will take place in a new format that will allow everyone to earn the main currencies in spectacular PvP battles.



Following the last season, we received a lot of feedback and have made several significant changes. Here are some of them:

PvE was removed. We decided to remove the PvE side and focus on PvP. Smaller Pantheons have more chance of successfully joining the battles, and everyone else does not need to take into account the multipliers from the PvE side. Distortions are where you need to look for worthy PvE adventures!

More seasons - more rewards. Forget about long breaks between stages - Pantheon tournaments will occur much more frequently! Now several seasons will be dedicated to developing the space program, and others will be of an exclusively competitive nature (next season). Active participants will receive more currency throughout the year because the number of seasons will increase.

Scoring rule changes We want Pantheons to fight more frequently and not sit back in the positions they have occupied. Rewards for a successful attack or defense were previously the same, but now they will be, respectively, 60% and 40%. The bonus has dropped for plundering territories (from 50% to 30%) and personal rewards for battles. The final reward for participation in a season is a nice sum in credits that will be in proportion to the score achieved.

Class edits. At the beginning of season three, we plan to introduce some changes in the abilities of some classes to boost their presence on Skyforge PvP arenas!



Remember asking us to bring back the final battle and divine form? Good news! The battle will be revamped and characters will once again be able to take on the form of an invincible giant! This and other changes will not affect this next season, but we plan to get them ready for the ones that follow.

We are confident that the listed changes will transform the Pantheon Wars and provide you with lots of new and unforgettable experiences!


Sale: Pantheon Donations

For as long as anyone can remember immortals have strived to increase their might. Pantheons became the summit of development of the divine society in Aelion. These are not just groups of friends and like-minded thinkers, but extra bonuses to a hero's maximum health and damage!

From 14:00 CEST on June 28th, to 10:00 CEST on July 5th, you can receive double the credits for argent donations to your Pantheon. As a bonus you will receive a construction resource for every argent spent.
Boost your Pantheon rank and get your fighters ready - the great battle for territories is coming soon!
Note! Any immortal tha has reached the second region of the campaign can take part in this event.

You want more Argents to support your Pantheon? No problem! Just visit our Argent Top-Up website!

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Love is everywhere! Love is everywhere! | unknown date


Why bonus is only towards argent donate, not credits. Graphics inside news shows gold credit symbol on orange background. Top players and your best customers with deep pockets are short on credits anyway (10m limit per week), while alot of folks that are not spending real money on stimulants got spare credits, could use double credit bonus. 

Thoose people wont buy argents anyway so u wont potentially loose anything while pantheons could gain bonuses. Players who spend real money and are part of same pantheons, will be happy seeing better bonuses and since thoose guys probably most of time are helping their weaker friends, this would be a nice welcome from f2p members. Simple fix and everyone will win!


Legendary Collector Legendary Collector | unknown date

everyone except who hope you to buy argent for that purpose

Lord of Death Lord of Death | unknown date

do you rly thinks they will care about not pay player xD? ahahahaha xD

Love is everywhere! Love is everywhere! | unknown date

Well they enhanced Hall of Trophoes promotion week ago. We didnt had Wardens of Elements or Ancient Bones at all previously (now at 50%). Basically everything except newest All for Science was discounted which is a big pros since we were allways far behind Ru in this matter.

Lord of Death Lord of Death | unknown date

Yeah but it was a pay things :D

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