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Community Manager | unknown date

The doctor will see you now, Immortals. No, wait… Aren’t YOU supposed to be the doctor here?

Memory has been a bit hazy thanks to the attack by Integrator’s troops, and it seems that their constant attacks have our mortal medical divisions struggling to keep up with the number of injuries being sustained during battle. It would also seem that, regardless of whether you’re a doctor or not, we must rely on YOU to help us get through these most troubling times.


From the 29th of June, until the 11th of July, the first ever Military Doctor Packs will go on sale, giving you everything required to get into the thick of battle and administer first-aid to anyone in need: a biohazard suit, legendary alchemist weapon, a helpful robot companion, and plenty of valuable currencies at a healthy discount of up to 55% or more.


The Biohazard Suit alone can protect against infection from alien hazards and viruses, whilst the legendary Alchemist weapon will assist you in surviving long, draining battles with any foe, all-the-while, your new and up-to-date robot companion will be there to assist you with your noble lifesaving deeds.

Aelion is at a crisis-point, Immortal – we need every able-bodied military medic out there making a difference in whatever way they can. Will you help us? If so, we have three medicinal packs for you to consider, so head on over to our Military Doctor Packs page and decide just how medicinal you wish to go.

Good luck out there, Immortal!

-The Skyforge Team

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Evil Pumpkin Evil Pumpkin | unknown date

LOL are you taking the piss ..... after you nerf supp (Alch mainly) you want to sell us 80% all dmg weapon rofl.

Sniper Sniper | unknown date

LOL are you taking the piss ..... after you nerf supp (Alch mainly) you want to sell us 80% all dmg weapon rofl.

u need to think like a russian,this is just to test the waters...theyll add a 100% damage weapon with a special skill and sell it in a pack later

cant sell all the goodies so soon

Evil Pumpkin Evil Pumpkin | unknown date

Yea I seen it .. legendary archer/light binder pack

Love is everywhere! Love is everywhere! | unknown date

Pack from Pytho invasion?. 80% mainhand would be a viable offer in end of 2016, but not over half of year and 3 invasions l8r. Even a lemming like me got 90% mh from last way overstretched invasion and since each invasion adds only 5% to weapon damage, look how old this weapon is. 

You should really release packs on all server in same time or modify them to current invasion levels. This offer is preety bad.

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