2017 Mr/Ms Halloween Costume Contest!

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In celebration of Halloween, we are happy to announce our 2017 Halloween Costume Contest. Now is the time to get as creative as you can, and show us the Cosplayer inside all of you. You will have from October 27th to November 7th to participate! Good Luck and may the best costume win!

You can choose any theme you like, from traditional Halloween themes, to game inspired costumes, or full cosplay inspired costumes. The only limits are your own imagination, so show us your best!


The Prizes for the top 3 winners will be as follows:

  • 1st: Halloween 2017 Pack
  • 2nd: 30 Ominous Treasures
  • 3rd: 20 Ominous Treasures

Rules and Entry Guidelines

  • 1 entry per person attached to the discussion thread (Facebook post for PS4)
  • Entries must contain a brief description of your costumes theme and/or inspiration
  • Entries must be of appropriate content and must have a sign with “Skyforge” in it
  • Participants must be 18 years or older. We will be posting your entries on our forum and on our social media
  • Neither My.com, nor the Support Staff of Skyforge, assume any responsibility for misrepresentations of any entrants age
  • By entering you are agreeing to your pictures to be posted on our social media
  • Rules are subject to change, and all decisions by the CM Team will be final

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This is a real-life costume contest ;).

Do you have to be holding a Skyforge sign or can you photoshop Skyforge into the picture you submit for this competition?

Elder Guardian Elder Guardian | unknown date

Both are allowed, so long as you have the sign somewhere in there.

User | unknown date

Both are allowed, so long as you have the sign somewhere in there.

I have my picture ready, I have attached it to this post as I am a PC user but if I need to place it somewhere else please let me know.  I am the Queen from Disney's Alice in Wonderland.  I love portraying characters that are nothing like me in real life and I loved watching Alice in Wonderland as a child so thought it might be fun to cosplay her.  I made the entire costume myself (it took about a month of working on it every weekend) and my husband made the crown and the sceptre.  


Hi there! Halloween is one of my fav holidays so I'm always doing my best and here's my work from this year. I just love witchy, elvish and slavic demons stuff :) hope you'll like it!

Btw if you need to see whole dress just let me know.


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