thank you for killing hostile territories

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so at lat our beloved hostile territories came back and also made a lot of old players come back to skyforge and check what is new. but in a matter of two weeks you managed to make it a  no man land zone. no one wants to do it now and i  can see why :

too much waste of faith 

too much time,  

why the hell would you make it a pvp /pve area i would never understand. ( the original hostile territories were pve only areas_. 

that  demon boss that take sooo much time to kill literally killed any intention to even try that area.

 while i agree the rewards were too good to be true for once i would have agreed if you made a huge "nerf" to rewards but those  recent changes? man, they just killed the fun and an important aspect of the game.

re-think  those changes and give us our beloved old classic hostile territories pls.

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Totally agree as a new player the whole pvp thing killed it for me on the spot.  Seeing tons of players standing right outside the camp just waiting to gank everyone was a big let down and even made me consider deleting the game.

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