New Gear: Introduction/Tips (Updated).

Elder Guardian Elder Guardian | unknown date

Greetings Immortals!

Nova here with a few quick tips on the new gear system. Below you'll find a table showcasing which stats can appear on which piece of equipment, as well as their maximum values, each stat is marked with a number to show which classes can benefit from it the most.

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Legendary Jewelry: Legendary jewelry can be obtained from Training Avatars (Coming of Avatar Directive), Champion Avatars and Distortions. Note that each distortion can only drop one type of legendary jewelry, details below.

Implacability of Aspects - Perfect for tanks, more useful overall on Knight than Paladin, but definitely worth using if you get it. (Can be obtained from first distortion)

Unity of Aspects - Great if you want a little bonus critical chance, Archers in particular can benefit greatly from this one. (Can be obtained from second distortion)

Zeal of Aspects - Mainly useful for supports in PvP, but it can also be used on Revenants to grant some extra power to your group. (Can be obtained from third distortion)

Wrath of Aspects - Overall decent for any DD other than Necromancer, though personally I'm not 100% convinced it's worth losing one stat for the bonus (Can be obtained form fourth distortion)

Note: The above descriptions are regarding the bonus effect exclusively.

Recommended stats for DPS:

Key stats:

Critical Chance - 28.8%

Critical Damage Bonus - 76%

Main Damage Bonus - 62%

Damage to Elite - 24%

Secondary Stats:

Damage When Combat Starts - 24%

Chain Killing - 24%

Damage to Stunned Targets - 28.8%

Damage to Slowed Targets - 14.4%


Crippling Attack - 6
Companion Chain Attack - 4
Group Healing - 14.4%

Recommended stats for Tank:

Key Stats:

General Defense - 38.4

Protection Against Minions - 28.8

Protection Against Elite - 28.8

Barrier - 14.4%

Maximum Stamina - 96%

Secondary Stats:

Defense After Healing - 12%

Defense When Wounded - 12%

Ranged Defense - 24%

Melee Defense - 14.4%

Protection Against Control - 28.8%

Mobility After Dashing - 4

Recommended stats for Support:

Key Stats:

Companion's Cooldown - 66%

Divine Weapon Charge - 28.8%

Barrier - 14.4

Healing Efficiency - 96%

General Defense - 12%

Secondary Stats:

Group Healing - 14.4

Crippling Attack - 6%

Protection Against Control - 57.6

Companion Chain Attack - 4

Ritual Killing - 120%

Crippling Attack - 6

Companion Chain Attack - 4

Ranged defense - 12

Melee Defense - 6


These are recommendations for players experiencing this kind of system for the first time, these will help you get used to the system while also being able to play well within your role. These builds are by no means perfect for every single situation or play style. Also note that these builds are intended for PvE.

For cost efficiency I recommend re-rolling stats normally, and using Sparks of Memory to re-roll values until you get maximum values.

For players that have not yet reached current generation gear, I recommend refraining from altering gear too much outside of just to get some prestige boost, you'll need your credits later.

For re-rolling stats, I advise you start re-rolling stats after you reach mythical quality, re-rolling more stats at the same time is more cost effective.

Feel free to post any questions regarding builds and the new gear system in this thread and I will help as best I can.

UPDATE: Currently the prices on upgrading gear are a bit steep, for players that don't have a lot of credits laying around I recommend focusing on one specific build for now, and not going too far out of your way to upgrade the Mythical quality to maximum integrity. Keep in mind that all modifiers beyond 900 are a bonus that goes beyond the invasion power, it is not vital at this point, but you can still upgrade to around 30-40% for a relatively low price.

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Champion of Inghar Champion of Inghar | unknown date

Very good and simple to follow guide, thanks!

Anyone to confirm that "Protection Against Control" works in PvE?

I'd assume its working only vs Players

Elder Guardian Elder Guardian | unknown date

I can confirm that it reduces the duration of all control effects applied to you, regardless of weather they are applied by other players or monsters.

Any chance you can make this a google doc as atm I struggle to read it fully 


Elder Guardian Elder Guardian | unknown date

Added a direct link to a higher resolution version of the image, should be way easier to read now. Let me know if there are issues with the link.


😁@Nova Char

Thanks great to view now appreciate your time and effort :)

Elder Guardian Elder Guardian | unknown date

No problem, feel free to ask any questions you may have right here in the thread, or send me a pm in game, I'll help out as best I can.

User | unknown date

Can anyone confirm max stamina works ?

Elder Guardian Elder Guardian | unknown date

I believe it should, it's just a bit underwhelming from what I understand. I've not tried it myself however, I'll look into it when I can.

User | unknown date

well, i tryed it and have found in my case it doesnt work, that's why i would like someone else to confirm it.

details are here :

Elder Guardian Elder Guardian | unknown date

Tested the maximum stamina, it's working but, you have to rezone or die in order to reset the stamina bar.

User | unknown date

well, that's right, it works this way, i didn't tryed dying while testing.

However, that's not very handy to rezone or die to get the right stats if you want to switch stuff to adapt.

It's even more treacherous to think that a symbol change a stat instantly while you have to die or rezone to make it effective.

I wonder if the "die or rezone" works the same way for any stat change.

Considering this, the way it was coded doesn't seems very serious.

thank you Nova for the evidence.

User | unknown date

why use spark of memory instead of spark of perfection?

Elder Guardian Elder Guardian | unknown date

Because perfection will consume way more medals.

User | unknown date

how do they work? not quite sure what it is that they do. 

perfection makes the changed stat max out - so that's the locked ones' values unchanged and unlocked ones maxed, right?

whereas memory does what exactly? just re-rolling the value of the unlocked stats?

Elder Guardian Elder Guardian | unknown date

Yes, memory allows you to re-roll only the value while keeping the stat as it is. It will only re-roll the value of an unlocked stat.

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