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Hey Immortals,

This is where we ask you to provide feedback on the Archer class. If you have suggestions for the game, please direct them to the Suggestions Forum.

If you require assistance with uploading relevant Images or Videos, please view our Image & Video Guide.

Include the following in your comments:

  1. A concise description of your feedback or concerns regarding the class
  2. Why this is something that should be addressed
  3. Any possible fixes or improvements to make the class better


Skill X does not do enough damage

Description: The skill X does not do enough damage to reasonably contribute to certain situations.

Why this should be addressed: Skill X is supposed to act as the main damage ability (reasonable cost in resources, low cooldown). Unfortunately, it is not strong enough to allow even solo play, it gets worse in a group making the skill useless.

Possible Fixes/Improvements: Increase the damage of the skill by 35%, or make it scale with the number of players (+20% damage per player in the adventure).

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