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We will be disabling our current forums in favour of a new system that we are currently hard at work on. Starting from Monday, 18th of December the Skyforge forums will enter a read-only state and you will no longer be able to post on new and old threads alike. We hope that we can provide an update on the new forum soon. Until then, you can connect with us and other players through one of our social media platforms.

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Q: Will we get new forums for Skyforge?
A: Yes. We are working on new forums (and have been for a while). We will divert more attention to this topic to get this new system up and running as soon as possible.

Q: When will we get the new forums?
A: We do not currently have a specific timeline, but hope that we can make them available early in 2018. We will make sure to keep you updated!

Q: Will the old forums remain accessible in the future?
A: We currently do not have a specific plan to keep the current (old) forums online after we migrate to the new solution.

Q: Will the old forum contents be moved to the new forums?
A: We have not yet finalized the migration details, but it is likely that the old forum discussions and articles will not automatically ported to our new forum. We will, however, work with our moderators and Community Managers to identify any content that should manually be moved.

Q: Why can’t we just fix the old forums?

A: Unfortunately the forums are a system that’s been custom built for Skyforge, and maintenance is significantly more technically challenging and resource intensive than running a “normal” forum software. As the team is focusing on providing new content and bugfixes for the Skyforge versions across all platforms, we do not have the resources available that we would need to get the current forum to a level that we could sustain further.

Q: Why does it take so long to install a new forum? Just download phpBB and install it.

A: Unfortunately it is not quite as simple as that. The integration of a forum software into our existing infrastructure takes a significant amount of effort from development, and in order to provide a forum software that will hopefully be available to us for many years to come, we want to make sure that it’s integrated properly, looks nice and is a place where players want to hang out and share stories about Skyforge.

Q: Where can we go while we wait for the new forum?
A: We have three different places that you can use to stay in touch with us and other players: On Facebook, we will share and discuss current events in Skyforge, but also share information about coming updates or just share funny pictures. On Twitter, we will share information that’s relevant in the moment – a new stream that’s starting, a new hotfix that’s coming or just a cat sleeping on a keyboard. Last but not least, on Discord, you can interact with other players and staff, and at the same time get the latest info on anything that’s happening in Skyforge.

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