Game keeps on downloading the same patch over and over again & won't let me play

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I have this game installed by Steam, I just downloaded it for the first time today. When I finished downloading the game on Steam, it opened up the client and started downloading a new patch (it was about 3-5GB, can't remember). Then I started the game, created my character and hopped into the intro. I wanted to configure some graphic settings, and started off by turning on VSync. The moment I pressed 'Apply', the game went completely black. I could hear characters talking in the back, but there was nothing on my display. I waited like 30 seconds but then I decided to close the program and try to open it again. I went to Steam, pressed to open my game, but then I got this little window saying it needed to update (on Steam). So I went to client to see if I didn't need to update if I opened the game from there, but the client said it needed to download 17GB (the entire game). I went back to Steam and let it download the 3-5GB patch. Then the client opened, and it said it needed to download 3-5GB of a patch. So now I'm downloading the same patch as I just downloaded on Steam. This is an update that I already downloaded the first time when my game ran properly (until it went blackscreen).

The only conflict I can see that I could have caused was that when I had downloaded & updated Skyforge on Steam (for the first time), I went to back it up to an USB so I could give it to my friend so that he could download it on his PC. We both have really slow download speed so it's faster to just copy the files. I tried to make a backup from Steam while customizing my character. It was backing up the game  until the "backing up service" crashed at like 70%. Maybe this caused a removal of the update and now it's forcing me to update again? Idk. I won't be backing up anymore, though.

Anyone knows how to solve this? It keeps on telling me to download new updates, and they take me 1,5 hours each. Currently downloading another batch of updates of the game, so figured I might as well ask people for help on the forums in the meantime. ~_-

Thanks in advance. 

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Okay, problem "fixed". 

What seemed to be the issue was me backing up the game and it crashing, making Steam delete 5 GB off the game and the entire patch. So Steam had to re-download the deleted files from the game, and then client had to install the patch again.

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