Attention, immortals!

Even before our time, there were legends about ancient mages flying across the sky on giant Tobis - the Sky Riders. They lived in an impenetrable fortress, concealed by the rocks of the Great Ridge, which was full of artefacts and mysteries. To uncover their mysteries, send your Adepts in search of the treasure barried within their temple!

From August 3rd to August 16th, join the search for the Cloud City which was built before the Idala-Naire War. You can earn wonderful rewards and feel what it was to be a Sky Rider on a giant Emperor Tobi!


Any immortal that has reached 1000 Prestige can take part in this promotion.

You will need Search Area Maps. You can obtain them in PvE adventures as trophies from bosses, find them in sets with equipment from PvP battles, or receive them as a random reward for participation in the promotion. You can also use credits to start the missions if you do not have any maps yet.

Once the promotion begins, the maps will become part of the rewards for completing adventures in the first tactical situation update.

To take part in the promotion, open the special interface (9 key). You can complete each mission one by one, in which case each one will take 8 hours, or take on ten quests at the same time and complete them instantly!

Separate missions can also be instantly completed, if you have stimulants or the necessary amount of Argents.

As soon as one mission has been completed, you can start the next one.


There are two types of rewards for participating in this promotion: Guaranteed and Extra.

Guaranteed Rewards

Each completed mission increases your progress on the Guaranteed reward scale.

After reaching a certain level on the scale, you will receive a reward. Among the guaranteed rewards there are Stimulants, Spark Replicators, Ether Cores, Victor's Medals, Enhancement Stones, Special Holy Texts, Aeronaut Costume, and Emperor Tobi, a giant mount that is striking both visually and in terms of performance.

Be careful and make sure you follow some safety rules when utilizing your new mount:

  • The flying fish dramatically increase their flight speed when others of their kind are nearby,
  • Do not jump in place, as that will make giant bubbles that an innocent resident of Aelion may fall into,
  • Do not feed the Tobi! These smart fish get all the nourishment they need from the atmosphere.

Under Flavius’s strict guidance, further research of the Ascension Atlas has yielded results! Scientists have managed to unlock another three nodes - for the vectors of Destruction, Balance and Creation. In contrast to regular nodes, they do not need ether cores to get upgraded! As always, the new items can be found in the Market.

When you reach the maximum on the first scale for guaranteed rewards, you will gain access to the next scale, which offers different rewards: Stimulants, Special Holy Texts, Spark Replicators, Victor's Medals, Ether Cores, and Enhancement Stones.

Extra Rewards

Extra rewards are given upon completion of each mission.

You will receive different prizes once missions are completed, including:

  • combat consumables,
  • Variatrons,
  • Ammo and Supplies,
  • Stimulants,
  • Spark Replicators,
  • Special Holy Texts,
  • Enhancement Stones,
  • Search Area Maps,
  • extra progress points on the guaranteed reward scale.

If your adepts manage to find something incredible, you will receive one of three premium bonuses:

  • 1,000,000 credits,
  • 12,000 Argents and 100 Search Area Maps,
  • 500 progress points on the guaranteed reward scale.


Special Holy Texts are the same as regular Texts but they have a fixed sale price on the market.

You cannot receive any more than 135 Search Area Maps when participating in PvE and PvP activities.

When the promotion ends, all unused maps will automatically be converted back into credits. Your character must spend 30 minutes outside the game world for the credits to be added. If Search Area Maps are received after the promotion has ended, the credits will be added the next day when you first enter the game.

Additional Information

Emperor Tobi:

  • increases the character's movement speed by 100% (if there is another Tobi nearby, the increase is 140%),
  • when jumping on the spot, it creates a bubble that any character can get into
  • Stamina and Regeneration stats depend on the character's current Prestige.

The promotion ends on August 17th, once maintenance has started.

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