Sooner or later every immortal in Aelion gets their own personal cult. Initially it consists of a small group of loyal followers, but gradually more and more people join it, among which you can find true heroes. The strongest representatives of the cult transfer their might to the immortal, making a contribution towards them becoming a god. The rank of your cult grows as the number of followers grows.


Hall of Greatness

There is a special place in the capital of Aelion - the Hall of Greatness. Here there are statues of immortals, erected by loyal followers. The material from which the statues are made, and the decoration of the all depends on your merits. At the start of your path you can expect only bronze or silver statues in the stone hall, but when you become a mighty god you will get the chance to expect gold and even rub statues among the clouds.

As well as your statue, the hall contains the statues of another eleven immortals, whose prestige is around the same as yours. The closer a statue is to the center of the all - the higher its owner’s prestige. Statues are moved within the hall on a daily basis, but moves corresponding to the hall according to prestige are weekly.

Every day you will find gifts from your followers in the chest next to your statue. Don’t forget to look inside!


Successful cult development requires the attraction of new adepts, for they glorify your name throughout Aelion. To search for new adepts you should visit the the Hall of Greatness Once a day six potential adepts come to the statue. You just need to decide if any of them are worthy enough to join the cult.

When making the decision you should know that every adept has a range of characteristics:

1. Level — an indicator of the development of the adept within one rank of the cult. By gaining experience, the adept increases their level. The maximum level of an adept depends on the rank of your cult.

2. Efficiency shows how successfully an adept handles missions.

3. Talent together with the level of an adept, this influences their efficiency.

In terms of talents, adepts can be:

  • Able;
  • Talented;
  • Skilled;
  • Gifted;
  • Legendary.

Professions and Characteristics

Each adept belongs to one of eight professions. Professions determine success in missions. In addition, for each profession there are two characteristics that provide their bonuses. They have a total of five levels and the size of the bonus increases with the level.

The combination of characteristics for each profession and what tasks they are more suitable for determine the objectives that can be reached with their help:

If you want to quickly raise the rank of your cult, you need preachers and envoys. They will attract more followers to the cult.


If Symbols of Immortality have become available to you on the globe - time to increase the talent of your adepts! You will need different resources for that and these are best obtained by engineers and healers. In addition, experienced engineers will be needed to build many buildings in the Pantheon.


Do you need temple offerings? Then you need agents and mystics. Agents will also be excellent assistants during invasions.


Do you need to boost a few remaining adepts? Templars and sorcerers are just the thing, they will make mission completion more beneficial, quicker and easier.



Several missions for your adepts are always available to you. The missions change every eight hours, but you can update the list by spending the required number of credits.

To complete several missions the adepts will need equipment - provisions or ammunition. Adepts will receive experience and resources required to develop the cult as rewards for their missions. In addition, special missions in the cult could generate rewards that are of benefit to the player and their Pantheon.

Each mission is aimed at a certain number of participants (one, two or four) and requires a time period for completion (from 15 minutes to 8 hours).

The missions have difficulty levels. The higher the difficulty, the higher the efficiency of the selected adepts should be. If there is insufficient efficiency, the likelihood of a failed mission increases. If the mission fails, adepts return with only half the rewards.

If adepts of a certain profession are required for a mission, the efficiency of the correctly selected adepts increases by 30%. A green arrow will be displayed when these adepts are selected.

You need to take the reward for each completed mission “manually” - adepts compile a report on the results of the mission and the reward earned.

Special Operations with Adepts


A ritual that increases an adept’s talent. The ritual takes some time. You can finish it in advance by spending credits.

You need resources to complete the ritual - the number and type of resources depend on the level of talent you want to achieve and the profession of the adept.

Some of the resources required for enlightenment are obtained by adepts and players receive the rest in the form of rewards for adventures.

Missionary Work

Adepts that you do not need can be sent on missionary work, freeing up spots in your cult for more talented followers.

Sending an adept on missionary work will generate resources for the cult and followers. The type and number of resources will depend on the profession and talent of the adept.

Provinces and Patronage

Province — an area of Aelion on which the cult has an influence.

To start with your character will have only one province available, but as prestige grows another 7 will be gradually unlocked.

In each province:

  • you can appoint a patron;
  • you can upgrade the temple;
  • you can build chapels.


An adept must be appointed patron of an open province. Provinces that do not have a patron will not generate bonuses from chapels for a character. Bonuses from temples do not depend on the presence of a patron.

Temples and Chapels


Temple - your main center of power in the province, it increases the main characteristics. A temple also has a quality and a level.

Its level determines the amount of bonus it gives. The maximum level of a temple will depend on the rank of the cult and the Greatness characteristics of your character. The quality of the temple determines what chapels you can build in the province.


The provinces have several suitable spots for building chapels. Each one has an additional characteristic linked to it and a character will receive a bonus for that characteristic if a chapel is built there and a patron has been appointed. You need relics and a certain amount of credits to build a chapel.

The size of the bonus will depend on the talent of the patron and the quality of the chapels.

You can build all available chapels in each province, but only one chapel in each province will provide a bonus. Selected chapels are attached to a class – if you switch, for example, to Paladin, the chapels you last activated will automatically be selected.

If you are lucky enough to get an Optimizer, you will be able to build and activate two chapels in the same province at the same time.


Relics — resources required to build temples and chapels. You can receive them as additional rewards in adventures. These adventures are available once every few days - once every two days for unusual and rare relics and once every three days for epic and legendary relics. A character must have reached a certain level of prestige before they can receive high quality relics as rewards. If you select the God Power path, you will get the opportunity to upgrade temples and chapels to a legendary quality.


You can view key information about the cult here. The main operations with adepts are available directly from the portal. You can send adepts into missions and receive rewards, without launching the game.

You can turn adepts into missionaries or set an enlightenment ritual.

Later on you will be able to appoint a patron. Moreover, in the future the portal will allow you to build temples and chapels, as well as to select additional characteristics for your character.

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