Attention, immortals!

The time has come to hold the annual Griffin Order Tournament. Are your adepts ready to demonstrate their strength and valor, fighting in your honor? Allow them to ride Griffins, take part in battles and earn well-deserved rewards!

Visit the great tournament of the Griffin Order from September 7th to 21st! The most desirable rewards will be tournament armor and a White-Winged Griffin.


Any immortal that has reached 1,000 Prestige can take part.

You will need tournament applications. You can obtain them in PvE adventures as trophies from bosses, find them in sets with equipment from PvP battles, or receive them as a random reward for participation in the promotion. You can also use credits to start the missions.

Once the promotion begins, tournament applications will become part of the rewards for completing adventures in the first tactical situation update.

To take part in the event, open the special interface (9 key). You can take part in single battles, in which case each one will take 8 hours, or you can take on ten at the same time and complete them instantly!

Single battles can also be instantly completed, if you have stimulants or the necessary amount of argents.

As soon as a battle has ended, you can move on to the next one straight away.


There are two types of rewards for participating in this promotion: Guaranteed and Extra.

Guaranteed Rewards

Each completed mission increases your progress on the guaranteed reward scale.

After reaching a certain level on the scale, you will receive a reward. Among the guaranteed rewards there are Stimulants, Variatrons, Spark Replicators, Ether Cores, Victor's Medals, Enhancement Stones, Tournament Armor and White-Winged Griffins - a mount that can soar through the air!

Sky riders must not only look impeccable, but also be incredibly strong. To comply with this high rank, you should pay attention to the new equipment boosters available on the market. You can use them to increase the quality of basic equipment boosters. The level of the boosters will remain the same, but their efficiency will be significantly increased. You can obtain the necessary amount of Victor's Medals to buy the improved boosters by sending your adepts to the tournament.

When you reach the maximum on the first scale for guaranteed rewards, you will gain access to the next scale, which offers different rewards: Special Holy Texts, Spark Replicators, Victor's Medals, Ether Cores and Research Grants.

Extra Rewards

Extra rewards are given upon completion of each mission.

You will receive different prizes once missions are completed, including:

  • Combat Consumables,
  • Stimulants,
  • Spark Replicators,
  • Enhancement Stones,
  • Variatrons,
  • Tournament Applications,
  • Special Holy Texts,
  • Tactical Sense Replicators,
  • Resonance Boosters,
  • Research Grants,
  • Extra progress points on the Guaranteed reward scale.

If adepts do really well, you can receive one of three premium rewards:

  • 1,000,000 Credits,
  • 12,000 argents and 100 tournament applications,
  • 500 progress points on the guaranteed reward scale.


Special Holy Texts are the same as regular Texts but they have a fixed sale price on the market.

You cannot receive any more than 135 tournament applications when participating in PVE and PVP activities.

When the promotion ends, all unused applications will automatically be converted back into credits. Your character must spend 30 minutes outside the game world for the credits to be added. If applications are received after the promotion has ended, the credits will be returned the next day when you first enter the game.

Additional Information

White-Winged Griffin

  • Increases the character's movement speed by 200%.
  • Can glide through the air over short distances.
  • Stamina and Regeneration stats depend on the character's current Prestige.

The promotion ends on September 21st.

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