After the Pantheon Wars, a new stage of rating PvP-battles and PvE adventures begins. Every third day at midday, counting from the end of the Wars, portals will start to open in special places in all areas with celestial temples. From these you can obtain Tessa Sparks, which are actually Space Program points, reflecting the development and readiness of your Pantheon for the Astral endeavor.

The Pantheon rating for Tessa Sparks obtained is available on the relevant page.

Let us take a more detailed look on how Tessa Sparks are obtained and the battle between the Pantheons for them.


Everything starts with the portals: each territory to which a temple is attached will have five portals, each of which leads to their own cave area. Even if your Pantheon only has a silver league temple, you will have your own territory with portals available to you. You can get to it via the globe interface or the location list.

Each such area will have a cave with several entrances and exits and three special Mental Resonators. They are red in color and give out Tessa Sparks to temple owners, if they can protect them from enemy attacks. If you are unable to protect the Resonator, the attackers will take the Tessa Sparks. Each side can have a maximum of 10 legionnaires.

Active (left) and inactive (right) portals in the area map.

Active (left) and inactive (right) portals in the world.

The portals open every third day after the Pantheon Wars have ended and temple owners have been determined, at 12:00 pm (CET) time, for three hours. Thus, the portals will be open on: December 4, 7, 10 and so on. The portal opening time can be postponed - every hour it is postponed requires a payment in Pantheon credits. The opening can be delayed by a maximum of 8 hours. This can be done by Commanders on the Pantheon interface: Pantheon Tournaments -> portals. The rest of the time all five portals in each area are closed, just as they are during the Pantheon Wars.

The portal can only be entered by legionnaires from the owner Pantheon and Pantheons that are at war with the owners. Any member can be appointed a legionnaire using the familiar “Change Rank” button.

Legionnaires are marked with a special sign in the Pantheon members list. The maximum number of legionnaires in a Pantheon depends on the upgrade of the Stronghold Training Halls — 50 or 100 in the first and second levels, respectively.

Tessa Sparks and Mental Resonators

Each portal in an area leads to its own cave with three Mental Resonators and several entrances and exits.

Each Mental Resonator is able to give 10 lots of sparks, each of which turns into a number of Tessa Sparks. The amount depends on the rank of the relevant temple: gold temples receive 280 to 350 Tessa Sparks, and silver - 105 to 210 from each Mental Resonator offering. To obtain these sparks, you need to approach the Mental Resonator, ask for a spark with a context action and then wait 15 minutes, after which it will appear by its side.

All incoming legionnaires are automatically dressed in Pantheon armor, which is the same color as the coat-of-arms. When returning to a peace zone, they go back to wearing their regular clothes.

Declaration of war and the battle for Tessa Sparks

To enter and plunder another Pantheon’s territory, you must be at war with the owners of the temple that corresponds to that territory.

War is declared unilaterally in the Pantheon interface: Pantheon Tournaments → Declaration of War

If you change your mind, you can always make peace. Both sides would have to agree to this.

Although silver league temples and territories are not generally accessible areas, they will also become accessible when war is declared on the corresponding owner Pantheons.

Enemy Pantheons are allowed to fight in the caves. This means that if among the attackers there are representatives of Pantheons that have declared war on each other, they are also enemies. To find out which Pantheons you are at war with, see the Pantheon interface: Pantheon Tournaments → Current Wars. If you die in a cave, you can only resurrect at the visor nearest the portal in a peace zone.

When approaching a Mental Resonator, a legionnaire from an enemy Pantheon will receive the “Set Charge” context action. By setting a mine and waiting for the explosion, you can damage the Mental Resonator. You can only take the Tessa Sparks by destroying the Mental Resonator.

Bombs placed next to Mental Resonators have their own timers. Legionnaires from the owner Pantheons can clear mines. But this requires time and, of course, any attack interrupts the process.

When a Mental Resonator is destroyed, the attackers will receive a quarter of what the owner Pantheon legionnaires did not get time to take. If there are several attacking Pantheons, the booty will be equally distributed among them.

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